Touch of  Destiny Kennel was born from the biggest and purest passion for the french bulldog!

The passion for french bulldog was born in our hearts when we first saw Bravo Box Rihana (Zara) in the arms of her breeder Istvan Kovari owner at Bravo Box kennel in Gyula , Hungary!
It was love at the first sight but was also passion and respect for the work of the breeder!

Together with this wonderful new member of our family we made small ,but important steps in the respectable and responsible world of dog shows and breeding.

Her temperament was for us the engine and the energy we needed to go further.We grow up, we developed an strong relationship and we have made progress together! Soon we end up understanding that her temporary loneliness, even for few hours , is not the right way in a french bulldogs life and development, and by unanime decision we have decided to bring 2 new members in our life and family.After some resurch we went to see Laura Pausini Von Habox (Lala) an great energic young pied female in Galati, Romania.There was no doubt she is the one we needed to complete our Zara.Another step was done !They where complementary caracters from the first day, but something was still missing.... male!

In the summer of 2014 we had the honor and the luck to meet Magdalena Mazurkiewich the breeder of our beloved Fryderyk Ala Cochonnet (Fredy).It was an long trip to Glogow in Poland and an full of emotions one...emotions that had disappeared when we first lay our eyes on Fredy! His temperament is so sweet and lovely that by the time we were back to our home we already were best friends!

The beginning of 2015 brought us another gorgeous young female imported from Moscow, Russia from the prestigious kennel of Irina Komolova: Busher Pljus Elian Zoe (Zoe) which we simply adore as character and not only!
March 2015 was the month when our new hope was born also in Moscow, in the kennel of experienced breeder Elena Kozhevnikova . We are referring at AMBASSADOR DESTINY IZ PAVLEVYH BULDOGOV (Armin).

Armin is growing up nicely together with our own breed female Boreal Night Touch of Destiny (AVA) wich is born on 05-04-2015 from our proud Zara and from proud Nelson Olivier iz Pavlevyh Buldogov.

It was the moment that we consider that our love for this breed is fulfilled whit 6 gorgeous and happy Frenchies. The moment to confirm the value of our team and why not to grow up together , preparing us for next level!

Our last but not least words go to all the breeders and lovers of this special breed which gained our respect and friendship:
-Thanks to all for support and for your friendship! 

"Trends might change, quality remains"

Mihaela & Miti Gavris!